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Land Ownership

A house is an expensive investment. Many people are coming to Thailand, buying cheap rubbish and suffering the consequences.

People need to realise that just because they are confronted with a beautiful large house with pool and landscaped garden, it does not by any means, say that the house conforms structurally to European standard. 90% of the houses on the market do not. 90% of the 2-3,000,000 Baht bracket, covering bungalow villages, are not designed for the European buyer. They are mostly built by Thai construction companies for Thai people. As a European buyer you should know better than to buy these units.

The most dangerous price range on the market is the 4-6,000,000 Baht family house/villa range. This range of house can be described as a European copy. They are impressive to look at, answering many peoples dreams, but fail miserably on their build standard. There is a 10% minority of companies that do conform to European standards, but the question is, can you tell the difference. I am asked on a near daily basis. What makes a European standard of construction and what makes Tudor Villas houses different.

To answer this, Tudor Villas are now starting a survey service to show people the difference. We have always asked people to compare our houses with the rest. Now we are taking this one step further. If you wish a survey on another property in Pattaya then contact us.