Purchase Information

4 Bedroom House - 12 million baht (£170,000)

3 Bedroom House - 8 million baht (£125,000)

2 Bedroom Townhouse - 4 million baht (£62,500)

Most plots to date have been purchased during or before construction. We can also build these designs in a location of your choice. Contact us for more details on this matter. This is how to proceed.

  • 1. To secure a desired plot, a non refundable deposit of THB 100,000 is required. In addition to a receipt of payment. A plot confirmation form will be issued to the purchaser stating the plot number and whether the plot is to be of standard design, or if additions are to be added. Please note that any additions such as the car port. Will be extra to the purchase price and not inclusive.
  • 2. Once a design has been established and any additions clearly agreed, a further 25% down payment will be required to commence construction. At this stage the purchaser must be aware that he has now committed him or herself to a build contract and as the funds are used from day one for the purchase of building materials, should the purchaser withdraw from his payment commitments the contract will be instantly void and the payments are non refundable.
  • 3. Regular reports of construction will be relayed to the purchaser throughout the project, and the purchaser will be invited to the build site on occasion to view progress. We encourage good relations between builder and purchaser to set peace of mind to all parties.
  • 4. Two more payments of 25% each will be required at later stages of construction, to ensure smooth progress. The final payment and hand over of the deeds will not commence until the end of the project and the purchaser is satisfied of the quality he or she has received. A final warranty paper will be issued on completion along with the keys to the property and any guaranties that come with smaller electrical items such as the air condition units.
  • 5. Signing of any papers will be witnessed by Thai Lawyers as required by Thai law.
  • 6. We would recommend to any foreign national that the purchase of any property is taken through the name of a company. We would be happy to recommend accountants that can perform the forming of such companies and should finance be required we would also recommend finance brokers that can act on the purchasers behalf to the UK Banks.