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    Thai ownership may be individual or shared with other Thais. Any Thai national may purchase land in the Kingdom unless he/she is married to a foreigner. Thai law on community property under the marriage provisions of the Civil and Commercial Code results in Thais relinquishing their right to buy land upon registration of their marriage to foreigners.

    Pattaya is a city of 500,000 people in Thailand, located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand is about 165 km southeast of Bangkok in the province of Chonburi. It is one of the biggest centres of tourism in Thailand, with some 1.5 million visitors each year, and growing fast!

    A house is an expensive investment. Many people are coming to Thailand, buying cheap rubbish and suffering the consequences. People need to realise that just because they are confronted with a beautiful large house with pool and landscaped garden

    Most plots to date have been purchased during or before construction. We can also build these designs in a location of your choice. Contact us for more details on this matter. This is how to proceed. 

    Speaking to many property investors, as I do. The majority tell me that the aim is to better the bank rate of interest on their savings. Most Banks are only offering around 5% interest on savings in standard accounts or want to lock away your money for long periods of time where you just can't get at it when you need it. Stock market trading is too erratic and long term investments such as pensions are not producing what they should.

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